How to make a visual identity: The visual identity template

Visual identity design has become a powerful tool for designers to build visual identity, says designer and author Daniel Gartner.“It has a very powerful and inclusive language to describe what a person looks like,” he says.Gartners design template has become something of a bible for visual identity designers and helps them get started with the visual identity process.GARTNER says the […]

Why are so many designers wearing black in their work?

In a year where many people are being pressured to make their work appear as black as possible, designers are finding ways to do so.One such example is the trend of “black and white” design, in which the designer uses white in a light gray to match the design colors in the photo.This is not only more economical for designers […]

Why I made a graphic design website for my husband

A graphic design site is a website that’s designed to be a “source of value” for your clients, your clients’ clients, and the people you’re trying to help.It’s designed as a resource for you to learn about the world and the products and services you need, and it helps you build a brand.I’m a graphic designer, and my clients ask […]

Graphic Design Freelance Web Design Websites Are Now Priced In The U.S.

Freelancing graphic design web design websites for designers, freelancers and freelancers are now available in the U.K., Canada and Germany, the U:blog reported on Thursday.The website, which is available through Google and Yahoo, offers the option of freelancing on freelance websites and freelance freelancers, according to a blog post by a British graphic designer named Matthew O’Brien.The site also offers […]

Graphic design firm offers free Photoshop to anyone who wants to do a 3D printable photo of a dead woman

Graphic design and photography firm Vixen Digital has created a free Photoshop package to give everyone access to a 3-D printer to print their own photo of deceased loved ones.The software can be downloaded from and will allow users to easily create a digital photo of their loved ones at home using a standard printer. Vixen says that a printable […]