Why are we paying so much for graphic design?

The price of graphic design has been rising for a while now.And as a result, a lot of designers are paying for their own design and not for a graphic designer’s services.This article explains how graphic design and graphic design consulting services can help designers and graphic designers.If you want to learn more about graphic design, the pros and cons […]

Why the graphic design community is dying

In a post that seems to be designed to convince us that we are in the midst of a “post-digital” revolution, The Post’s business section has an article titled “The art of digital design”.This piece of propaganda is meant to convince the masses that digital design is dead, and the art of graphic design is alive and kicking again.I’m not […]

Design courses for graphic designers and illustrators

The first edition of the Design Courses for Graphic Design (DCGHD) was published in 2009 by Adobe Creative Suite and has been downloaded by more than 25 million users.The DCGHD is a comprehensive guidebook to the design disciplines, covering the fundamentals of graphic design such as colour, typography, layout, typographic structure and typographic and design elements.The book covers a broad […]

How to draw your child’s face in the mirror

How to Draw your Child’s Face in the Mirror article 1.Make sure the picture is in the right place.If you are drawing your child, make sure that you have the right angle and distance for their eyes to line up with the camera.The more the camera moves, the more difficult it is for your child to see what you are […]

Why I Am Not a Graphic Designer

This is a one-shot blog about why I’m not a graphic designer.I love design.I love designing.I’m a designer.My name is Rachel, I have been designing professionally since the age of nine.I graduated with a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of North Carolina in 2013.I am also a freelance illustrator and photographer, specializing in fashion and lifestyle.If you are […]

Digital designer gets creative in the design of graphic designs

A designer who uses digital design to help her team better communicate their work has turned her skills into a full-time job.Nicola D’Agostino, a graphic designer who has worked for adobe for the past four years, started her own digital agency in 2011.Her design work has become more than a career, she says.“I’m now a full time designer, and I’m […]