Which cities are worth the trip to for a great photo?

The National Geographic Travel Guide is a collection of some of the most popular destinations on earth, including the UK, Japan, the US and many more.This guide was developed by a group of seasoned travelers who have travelled to the most exciting destinations on Earth.They wanted to put together a list of the best places to spend time when traveling […]

What you need to know about VR video in 2017

The rise of virtual reality in 2017 is one of the most important events in the history of computing, and it’s already happening.From VR games to social VR, we’ve covered it all from the gaming community to the mainstream.The next big thing is going to be the social VR app market.This year alone, Facebook is set to release its first […]

Why I don’t have to pay for Google Glass

Google Glass, the smart glasses that are finally starting to show up in more stores, isn’t cheap.The price tag is starting to rise, with many people having been forced to pay $1,500 for the glasses.It’s a bit of a hassle for those who don’t want to shell out the cash, but the reality is that most people won’t be able […]

How to find your next graphic designer

Best graphic design course?That’s a tough question to answer.The short answer is that there are lots of options, from a combination of coursework and jobs that you can apply for, to online courses and individual freelance jobs.But the longer answer is the key: There are plenty of people who can create a high-quality graphic design portfolio for you that are […]

How to design a graphics design boot camp

Graphic design boot camps can be a great way to learn graphic design and learn new skills.The key is to find a great environment to learn in.If you’re just starting out and don’t have the money to pay for a real school, then this might be the place for you.If your budget is limited and you’re looking for a more […]

How to use motion graphics in your apps

As a software engineer, you’re probably familiar with the concept of creating and manipulating motion.But as a mobile app developer, how do you get motion right?Motion graphics are a great tool to use for a variety of purposes, but the best ones will often be used for interactive experiences.In this post, I’m going to show you how to use your […]

How does it work?

Graphic designer James Bowers has developed a new software system called Tic Tac Toe, which can be used to design a number of graphics that can be placed on a website or app, or displayed on a smartphone or tablet.Tic TacToe is a free software, which means you can use it for free.You will need to buy the TicTacToe desktop […]

A new graphic designer takes the art of motion graphics to the next level

An old school graphic designer is coming to the rescue of a new generation of motion designers by taking their vision to the cutting edge with an ambitious project that includes a video game.The video game, called “Mighty No. 9,” is a first-person shooter based on the popular Sega Genesis game that takes place on an artificial planet in the […]

What you need to know about climate change: Why we need to act now

Fox News has been the epicenter of the climate change movement for the last five years.In January 2017, it aired a series of stories about climate deniers and their connections to the global warming lobby.Then, in April, it was the site of the first presidential debate.Fox News now has a reputation for being one of the most conservative outlets in […]