How to be a great video editor in 2016

Designers have always been the vanguard of video editing, and it seems as if they’re on the march toward becoming the next generation of video editors.From the video games we love to the way we watch movies and TV, the tools we use are changing, but the industry isn’t as sure of its future.We spoke with several video editors to […]

Why are graphic design and photography design courses so popular?

Graphic design and photo design are becoming more popular courses on college campuses, and it’s all because they’re the perfect combination of skills, said David Daley, director of the Center for the Study of Creative Technologies at New York University.Daley, a graphic design instructor at Brooklyn College, said students who study the craft need to be aware of what they’re […]

How to save your precious space

Posted March 01, 2019 06:32:38 What you need to know about environmental design media design students will never be the same as professionals.A few years ago, a professor at a prestigious university in China was caught on camera cutting a space out of a school building and putting it on the floor to create a beautiful new environment.For years, that […]

Microsoft’s Bing: The future of search and advertising

Microsoft’s online advertising service Bing has entered a new phase, becoming more like Google and Amazon.But it remains an unknown quantity to many in the search business.Read moreMicrosoft’s Bing is entering a new stage, becoming a search engine.But its a still unknown quantity.But it remains a unknown quantity for many in search.The search engine is no longer just a service […]