‘Dumb and Dumber’ star Adam Sandler says he’ll retire from acting after 13 years

Adam Sandlers wife, Jillian, and his daughter, Vivian, have shared a message on Instagram that reads: “I am not ready to leave acting, not yet, and not in my 20s.I love you and hope that you will be with me when I am ready.”The actor, who has appeared in 13 films including ‘Dumber,’ ‘Funny People,’ ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The […]

How to Find the Best Graphic Design Firm in your State

Graphic design firms are in a rush to find designers who can handle the high-profile jobs, but that can mean getting to know the people behind the work first.Here’s a primer on who to look for in your state.Read moreThe Wall Street Journal The first thing you need to know is that a graphic design firm is the most diverse […]

Why the graphic design community is dying

In a post that seems to be designed to convince us that we are in the midst of a “post-digital” revolution, The Post’s business section has an article titled “The art of digital design”.This piece of propaganda is meant to convince the masses that digital design is dead, and the art of graphic design is alive and kicking again.I’m not […]

How to find a freelance graphic designer

The short answer is to get one and get it quickly.If you’re looking for a freelance designer to work for you, or you want to be able to get started quickly with freelancing, the first step is to find the right person for the job.Here are a few tips on finding a good freelance graphic designers.

When are you ready to go home? – Fox Sports

Fox Sports’ Chris Spielman was on a media tour at the NFL’s headquarters when he learned that he’d be leaving.He had been on the team for six years.He told me he was excited to be back.He said he’d come here, but he’d like to get a bit more time with his family, so we’ll see what happens next week.Spielman said […]

How to become a graphic designer in five easy steps

Graphic design is a great field for students who want to make their mark, but if you’re a novice, the path to the top may not be so simple.Here are five steps you can take to get started.