Which cities are worth the trip to for a great photo?

The National Geographic Travel Guide is a collection of some of the most popular destinations on earth, including the UK, Japan, the US and many more.This guide was developed by a group of seasoned travelers who have travelled to the most exciting destinations on Earth.They wanted to put together a list of the best places to spend time when traveling […]

How to find your next graphic designer

Best graphic design course?That’s a tough question to answer.The short answer is that there are lots of options, from a combination of coursework and jobs that you can apply for, to online courses and individual freelance jobs.But the longer answer is the key: There are plenty of people who can create a high-quality graphic design portfolio for you that are […]

The ‘Caps’ have the best logo design in Major League Soccer

The Vancouver Whitecaps have the “best logo design” in Major Leagues, according to an online survey conducted by the online marketing agency PwC.The company also ranked the top 20 logos in MLS for 2017.“We’re really proud of our work and the team,” PwL chief executive Andrew Scott said.“It’s a huge honor to be able to work with a team like […]

How to design a logo for an organisation

Designing logos is a crucial skill for many organisations, whether they are small, medium or large.Here we look at how to design and print a logo that reflects your organisation’s values and mission.The graphic designer is often the person who creates the look and feel of the logo, so how do you get it right?Here are some tips to help […]

When you’re a designer, you can do everything

Graphic designer Mark Boulton has had to overcome in the past couple of years.“It’s been a real struggle,” he said.“When I started at GQ, I was the only designer working in the office.Now I have clients who need to work with me to create design-driven websites.”So, what does he do to make it work?“I go back to design school, and […]