Why the US doesn’t have a national anti-fraud agency, and what it would look like

The US government has been slow to embrace anti-hacking efforts in recent years, largely because of a lack of funding and expertise.And it’s not clear what kind of federal agency would be created to fight this scourge.The idea of a national cybersecurity agency has been floating around for years, but it’s never really gotten much traction.“It would be pretty hard […]

How to make your logo design cooler than it already is: Using graphics and text design to sell the idea

Graphics and text are increasingly popular in marketing campaigns and even in everyday life.The power of graphics is in the visuals, and the more of them, the more money a product or service will generate.But when you’re selling something with an abstract, generic look, that image is less relevant.In some ways, that’s true of the logo design industry.But it’s also […]

How to design a graphic poster from scratch

When I was younger, I’d read the magazine ads and wonder how they came up with their designs.The advertising agency had a lot of ideas about how to present their product, and I’d look at those designs and think, What does this say about how this would look?Then, years later, I realized how they ended up with the graphic posters […]

How to create a better photo-editing app from scratch

The app has a new look.It’s still a desktop-only app.It doesn’t look like an app.And it’s free.But it’s more than just an app: it’s a tool for creating better images for your website, Facebook page, and social media posts.And that’s where the real value lies.The app is made up of a suite of photo-based templates, with a selection of photo […]

Ars Technic: You’re a designer now, but you’re not quite a designer yet

In a series of tweets, Ars Technick’s Mike Pachter wrote that, while he was still not a designer, he’d learned some important lessons about what it means to be a designer.“I think there’s a difference between a designer and an artist,” Pachtter wrote.“So what is a designer? “It’s a designer who does a design on the fly. “So what is […]

Which Republican candidates do you trust to defend the U.S. Constitution?

The U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday voted to expand a U.K. law that requires people to show a British passport or travel documents before entering a country, in a move that could lead to more restrictions on travel to the U, and possibly the U., in the future.The U.J. House voted Wednesday to approve a measure that would require citizens […]

Why the graphic design community is dying

In a post that seems to be designed to convince us that we are in the midst of a “post-digital” revolution, The Post’s business section has an article titled “The art of digital design”.This piece of propaganda is meant to convince the masses that digital design is dead, and the art of graphic design is alive and kicking again.I’m not […]

The art of ‘artful understatement’

The art and design of understatement, or “artful exaggeration”, is a tricky and often-complicated art form.As the name implies, the exaggeration is usually made up of artfully adding and subtracting information.In a nutshell, understatement is “making things up as they are”.In a sense, exaggeration is “sketching the truth out of what’s really there”.The idea is that when a writer or […]

Which of the following has the most memes?

Illustration by Scott Ritter (17)Creative graphic design has been the most-searched-for creative project in Australia’s history.It’s a word that describes a design that’s as simple as a sketch, but complex enough to make it instantly recognizable.That’s exactly what this creative design team at the Sydney Art Gallery did.They created an entire series of comics, called The Glamour of Comics, which […]