Which graphic designer is the most famous?

Google graphic designer and illustrator Peter Chabris has a very specific definition of fame.He describes his own experience as one of the greatest and most memorable of all time.He’s one of only five people to have won the Grand Prix, the prestigious title given to designers who have won at least 10 Grand Prix in a row.Chabris is a design […]

How to design a graphic poster from scratch

When I was younger, I’d read the magazine ads and wonder how they came up with their designs.The advertising agency had a lot of ideas about how to present their product, and I’d look at those designs and think, What does this say about how this would look?Then, years later, I realized how they ended up with the graphic posters […]

How to use a graphic design program to create a graphic poster for your project

Posted October 07, 2018 05:33:15 When you’re ready to show off your work, it’s important to make sure you have the proper graphic design software to get the job done.But, if you’re looking to get a quick boost to your career, here are a few free resources to help you get started.The Digital Art Institute has a free online graphic […]

‘Graphic’ logo redesign: Grognard design team redesigns logo for new video game

In its first redesign since the first Grog, the logo for a new video gaming franchise is being reworked.Grog’s name is now an ‘X’ and a new design is being used.In this design, the character Grog is replaced by a cartoon character.It’s called ‘Grognard’.The new logo will be used for the upcoming Grogs Revenge: Grobnik.“The idea was to take inspiration […]

Graphic design for the big screens is getting more interesting

More than ever before, design is becoming a hot commodity.We have an opportunity to create something special that will delight our customers and entertain our audiences.As a result, we are increasingly relying on graphic designers to help us create the products we love.With more and more design-related companies and organisations investing in digital platforms, we expect graphic design will play […]

How to get into graphic design for an entry-level job

3D motion graphics is one of the hottest tech trends right now.And it’s been a big hit with companies like Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Netflix, as well as some big-name startups like Facebook and Pinterest.The key to getting started in this burgeoning field is learning how to make your own motion graphics.But the process isn’t all that easy, especially if […]