How to design a graphic logo

Graphics design has become a hot topic in recent years.Its a highly interactive process and its an area that has been evolving rapidly over the past decade.Graphic designers have been working with designers, graphic designers have worked with graphic designers, designers have tried graphic design with graphic design.Graphic design is a field that has always been about taking advantage of […]

‘Dumb and Dumber’ star Adam Sandler says he’ll retire from acting after 13 years

Adam Sandlers wife, Jillian, and his daughter, Vivian, have shared a message on Instagram that reads: “I am not ready to leave acting, not yet, and not in my 20s.I love you and hope that you will be with me when I am ready.”The actor, who has appeared in 13 films including ‘Dumber,’ ‘Funny People,’ ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The […]

Which graphic design website is best for graphic designers?

It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while now, but now it’s getting a lot more nuanced.As we’ve mentioned in the past, some of the best graphic design websites for graphic artists, graphic designers, designers, and even graphic designers are built using the open web platform, meaning that you can use any modern browser you want, and it’ll […]

How to Find a Creative Graphic Designer in the Business World

The graphic designer’s career path is always evolving.As a freelancer, you may find yourself in a new position, finding a new client, or trying to find a new niche.However, there are some graphic designers who have been around for years.As the industry matures, the demand for graphic designers has grown and as demand grows, the talent pool shrinks.That means the […]

The Upwork graphic designer hires a graphic designer to design a logo for his company

The Upworks graphic designer has hired a graphic design firm to create his logo for the company he founded.Upwork founder and CEO Max Levchin announced the hiring of graphic designer Justin Cesar on Tuesday.Levchin also announced that Upwork will have a new logo by next week.Levchin says the new logo will be “more powerful” and will include a larger logo.Upworks […]