I’m a graphic designer, and I’m looking for jobs

Posted by Simon Jones on Tuesday, May 24, 2020 15:37:30It’s no secret that graphic designers are a well-respected and sought-after profession, but I am a graphic design poster.The job market is tough, especially for designers.You’re often offered a number of positions, with the possibility of landing a role in graphic design for a living.But what you need to be aware […]

Why the US doesn’t have a national anti-fraud agency, and what it would look like

The US government has been slow to embrace anti-hacking efforts in recent years, largely because of a lack of funding and expertise.And it’s not clear what kind of federal agency would be created to fight this scourge.The idea of a national cybersecurity agency has been floating around for years, but it’s never really gotten much traction.“It would be pretty hard […]

Graphic designer nears me

Graphic designer is a creative, passionate and dedicated person, and I think that’s why we’ve always known each other through our professional careers.That’s why I can’t help but think of my colleague at the time who, in my view, is more important than anyone to our company, so much so that he’s our co-founder and our creative director.I can see […]

Designer’s graphic design skills in the US

A graphic designer who works for a company that makes high-end jewelry and watches says he has an easy time keeping up with his clients’ demand for high-quality graphics.He’s a designer in New York and in Los Angeles, where he works for high end designers, and in New Jersey, where his work has become a part of the jewelry industry.His […]