How to be a graphic designer and create awesome work

How to get started as a graphic design professional:How to become a graphic designers in the age of Adobe Creative Cloud,Adobe Photoshop,Adob Photoshop CS4,Adobo Creative Cloud and Adobe Lightroom 5:How Adobe’s Creative Cloud Platforms work and how to get up and running with itHow to be an illustrator,designer and illustrator in an age of digital and mobile design:What’s the difference […]

Graphic designer nears me

Graphic designer is a creative, passionate and dedicated person, and I think that’s why we’ve always known each other through our professional careers.That’s why I can’t help but think of my colleague at the time who, in my view, is more important than anyone to our company, so much so that he’s our co-founder and our creative director.I can see […]

Design courses for graphic designers and illustrators

The first edition of the Design Courses for Graphic Design (DCGHD) was published in 2009 by Adobe Creative Suite and has been downloaded by more than 25 million users.The DCGHD is a comprehensive guidebook to the design disciplines, covering the fundamentals of graphic design such as colour, typography, layout, typographic structure and typographic and design elements.The book covers a broad […]

When are you ready to go home? – Fox Sports

Fox Sports’ Chris Spielman was on a media tour at the NFL’s headquarters when he learned that he’d be leaving.He had been on the team for six years.He told me he was excited to be back.He said he’d come here, but he’d like to get a bit more time with his family, so we’ll see what happens next week.Spielman said […]

Why you should design your own comic book poster

A graphic designer can help you create your own graphic design poster for your favorite comics.In fact, if you’re just getting started with graphic design, it’s worth learning how to do it yourself.Here are the top tips on creating your own poster.1.How to draw your own artwork: The best way to start is with a basic drawing.If you don’t know […]

Why graphic design doesn’t work as a design tool

Posted August 02, 2018 04:00:00As a graphic designer, I get asked a lot about what I do and how I do it.I get it all the time.You see, I love making things.I love seeing people’s work and I want to see it live.It’s hard to think of anything more fun than working with someone else’s work.So when I hear someone […]