How to build a visual storytelling website with an app

When you have a compelling story to tell, it can be tempting to build something in a web app.But with a visual story, you can add all kinds of different elements to the story and get more powerful results.Here are some tips for creating a visual narrative that takes advantage of web apps.The first thing to consider is the user […]

Design courses for graphic designers and illustrators

The first edition of the Design Courses for Graphic Design (DCGHD) was published in 2009 by Adobe Creative Suite and has been downloaded by more than 25 million users.The DCGHD is a comprehensive guidebook to the design disciplines, covering the fundamentals of graphic design such as colour, typography, layout, typographic structure and typographic and design elements.The book covers a broad […]

How to get hired as a graphic designer for Upwork

Graphic design courses and social media sites like Upwork are offering a way to get the job.You need to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator to make it through.There’s also an online community for designers that’s growing.And if you’re already a professional graphic designer, the job will offer a decent salary.However, it will require that you have a […]

How to get more creative online: Online design courses

The idea of learning to make a graphic design was a huge part of our childhoods.And it’s still a part of us today, even if we don’t have the skills to do it in-person.Here are some of the top online design courses that are aimed at beginners.1.Designing for Business: Get an Introduction to Graphic Design from Udemy.This online design course […]