What did you do before you designed your first graphic design?

Football Italian article In a new book entitled “Design for Life: The Story of a Graphic Designer” by writer and illustrator Francesco Caporelli, the former Barcelona and Milan defender has a candid and insightful discussion about the challenges and obstacles of graphic design. “I was very lucky, I got to do it at a time when the technology was not very […]

How to create your own brand logo

Graphic designer Gaurav Bhatia has done his bit to help the world make better graphic design.Bhatias’ company, The Design Foundation, has developed a free digital design template that allows you to create and upload a brand logo design.A free preview of the template is available here .Here are some of the benefits that the template provides:The template allows for any […]

Paul Rand logo design for NFL website

The New York Jets announced Thursday that Paul Rand will design the logo for their official social media website.Rand is known for his work with Nike and the Los Angeles Rams.Rand is a former head of Nike’s design team.Rand has also worked for the Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.