How to be an effective graphic designer

Illustrator’s are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to create visually compelling websites.But many are also becoming adept at creating web content.Here are six tips for designers who want to take their skills to the next level.

Gianluca Pizzuti: ‘I’ll be a part of the club’

A talented graphic designer with a strong artistic and creative background, Gianlucio Pizzuto has been at the helm of Juventus for three years and is now looking to make his mark on the club.The former Milan, Udinese and Sassuolo starlet is in his third season at the Bianconeri and, despite some criticism for his decision to leave his hometown club […]

What I Learned from a Job at Paul Rand Company

Paul Rand, the maker of the Rand logo, has fired an employee who was caught using a “false and misleading” headline about the company’s new marketing campaign, according to a post on the company blog.“We are extremely disappointed to learn of the actions of a former employee who we consider to be a liar and a breach of trust,” Paul […]