When did we start to use Facebook as a job site?

Business Insider article I am a freelance graphic design designer.It is a great gig.My clientele include top international brands such as Nike, LG, and others.And it’s a great opportunity to work with some of the top design minds in the business.I started freelancing in 2015, and I am happy to report that I have been earning good income.However, this past […]

How to Find a Creative Graphic Designer in the Business World

The graphic designer’s career path is always evolving.As a freelancer, you may find yourself in a new position, finding a new client, or trying to find a new niche.However, there are some graphic designers who have been around for years.As the industry matures, the demand for graphic designers has grown and as demand grows, the talent pool shrinks.That means the […]

How to create a digital graphic for your website

Digital graphic design is not just for designers anymore, according to digital graphic designer Andrew Sargent. In his latest book, The Complete Digital Graphic Designer Handbook, he explains how to create digital graphic design for your own websites, blog, magazine or any other web or media outlet.“Digital graphic design can be a powerful tool to show your audience what you can […]

Graphic design and graphic design illustration,creative illustration,design illustration

The first of two videos, “Graphic Design and Graphic Design Illustration,” is a collection of graphic design illustrations from illustrator/designer/illustrator Chris Sager.It’s a great introduction to the world of graphic illustration.It shows Sager’s art in action.It also includes a series of shots of Sager as an illustrator in his studio, which is located in San Francisco.Here are a few highlights:The […]

Graphic Design for Beginners

2018-09-20T18:45:27.047000+00:00 Foto zoom in on the illustration above.It is a graphic design for students, for professionals and for the average person looking for a way to create a better website.The image shows a simple and clean design that has been used in many graphic design apps and websites for years.This is the type of design that could be used in […]

 Facebook is going to be the new Google’s next big thing for freelancers

The tech giant is planning to expand its reach into the freelancing sector.Facebook announced last year that it had hired over 10,000 freelancers, and it recently hired a third of them. It is expected that Facebook will use its services to make it easier for freelancing services to hire from its massive social network, with ads that target those who pay.This […]