Black Graphic Designers to Launch Online Business in the Coming Years

The first professional graphic designers to sign up for the free service are Black, a black-and-white graphic design consultancy founded by graphic designer James Black.Black’s team have launched a new website called Black Graphic, and have been in contact with other designers and agencies to get started.The site, which offers design training, is currently only available for Mac and Linux.Black […]

Why Graphic Design Is Worth It: 25 Reasons to Get Your Design Job Now

Graphic design has become so lucrative that many of the people who are currently making it have no idea what they’re doing.In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways in which graphic design is making its mark on the world and give you 25 reasons why you should start thinking about your next job.1.Graphic Design Hasn’t […]

How to design a logo for an organisation

Designing logos is a crucial skill for many organisations, whether they are small, medium or large.Here we look at how to design and print a logo that reflects your organisation’s values and mission.The graphic designer is often the person who creates the look and feel of the logo, so how do you get it right?Here are some tips to help […]

When you don’t have the time to make a graphic design

article article Graphic designers are in the minority in the design world.In 2015, a survey by The Art Newspaper and Gigaom found that only 7% of graphic designers had the time for a full-length article, and only 15% were even interested in starting one.But now there’s a new crop of designers working full-time on graphic design.These designers are starting to […]

Graphic design jobs with top employers in 2017

Freelance Graphic Design Job Search – 2018 The top graphic design jobs are being filled by the creative professionals of the future, according to the Graphic Design Jobs in 2017 report released today.This year saw a huge surge in job postings from the freelancers, creatives and creative-types, with the average salary rising to a whopping £9.49 an hour in the […]

Graphic Design Freelance Web Design Websites Are Now Priced In The U.S.

Freelancing graphic design web design websites for designers, freelancers and freelancers are now available in the U.K., Canada and Germany, the U:blog reported on Thursday.The website, which is available through Google and Yahoo, offers the option of freelancing on freelance websites and freelance freelancers, according to a blog post by a British graphic designer named Matthew O’Brien.The site also offers […]

A graphic designer is a professional and should be paid more

Graphic designers have long been the subject of debate among design professionals.It’s no secret that they often make some of the best graphics on the web.However, recent reports have put graphic designers on the defensive.According to a new survey, more than one in five graphic designers surveyed said that they were paid less than $2 per hour in 2012.The survey, […]

How to create a viral campaign to save your job

When your career depends on it, it’s a big deal.But when it comes to making money for yourself and your family, your personal brand, and the future of your career, it can be very difficult to navigate.That’s where creative graphic designer Jody Moxley comes in.She’s spent the past six years working to turn her professional work into a business.She founded […]