How to create your own custom logo for your website

Designers, graphic designers and other creative types are always looking for the next thing to design.Now, the free online course will help you learn how to create a logo from scratch.The course is designed for web designers who are looking for a solid starting point in the process of creating a logo, according to the company that is offering the […]

Which graphic design portfolios are worth it?

Graphic design portfolios that have been curated for maximum impact are gaining traction in the market.This trend is driven by the rise of collaborative design where teams collaborate to produce visual content.The new wave of portfolio creators is also attracting the attention of high-profile clients.One such client is fiverrs, the online marketplace where freelancers can sell their designs.The business started […]

How to make a gif and get it to your audience

Fiverr’s website is full of gifs.If you have an account and you want to make them public, you have to upload your gifs to the site.This is how you make a link that gets posted on Fiverrs site.You’ll need to create a URL that will point to the Fiverrer website.Follow the instructions in the FAQs section to upload the gifs […]

The most profitable ICO in history

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What if you could take a $5,000 loan to learn a new language?

What if I told you that you could borrow $5 in order to learn an entirely new language, just by creating a new account on Fiverr?Now, we’ve got a solution to help you take this concept and make it a reality.Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can buy a language learning program with a high-interest rate.It’s a great way […]

Graphic designer finds job at Facebook in UK

Graphic designer Richard Sollers has found a job at a Facebook office in London.The UK based design agency, Wollers Design, said Sollings worked as an illustrator, but not in the graphic design field.Solling, who was born in Dublin, is based in Dublin.He was first hired at the company in February 2016.He started at Wollings Design as a junior freelancer but […]