Which graphic designer is the most famous?

Google graphic designer and illustrator Peter Chabris has a very specific definition of fame.He describes his own experience as one of the greatest and most memorable of all time.He’s one of only five people to have won the Grand Prix, the prestigious title given to designers who have won at least 10 Grand Prix in a row.Chabris is a design […]

How to find freelance graphic design jobs in India

Google’s search results for “design freelance” have changed drastically since January.The company has announced it is re-evaluating its search rankings for the search term “design freelancer”.In the past months, Google has shown increasing interest in the freelance market, with the search terms “design job”, “design agency” and “design consultancy” showing up on the site more frequently.The search results of the […]

Why it’s worth checking out this new graphic design program

Graphic designers and graphic designers in the business are a hot commodity these days.And it’s not just a trend, it’s a business.But as you can see in this infographic, you may not even know who they are, or that they have a major impact on the industry.They’re often very well known, have been around for years and are a huge […]

Text logo designer named by CNN

Text design is a career, but it’s a difficult profession to get into.You’re not a designer, and your job is to design something that can help someone create a website or a Facebook page.But in today’s digital world, many companies are hiring designers who specialize in graphics design.That makes sense, since graphic designers are more involved with the design of […]

How to Find a Freelance Graphic Designer (and a Graphic Designer in Your Area)

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Why I Am Not a Graphic Designer

This is a one-shot blog about why I’m not a graphic designer.I love design.I love designing.I’m a designer.My name is Rachel, I have been designing professionally since the age of nine.I graduated with a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of North Carolina in 2013.I am also a freelance illustrator and photographer, specializing in fashion and lifestyle.If you are […]

How to Build a Website that’s Unforgettable

How do you turn an ordinary photo into something memorable?That’s the question at the heart of the new book I Love To Build a Beautiful Web Graphic, by acclaimed graphic designer and former BuzzFeed editor Katie J.M. Baker.As an example of what Baker is calling “a truly original idea,” she tells a story of a young girl named Tessa, whose […]