Ars Technic: You’re a designer now, but you’re not quite a designer yet

In a series of tweets, Ars Technick’s Mike Pachter wrote that, while he was still not a designer, he’d learned some important lessons about what it means to be a designer.“I think there’s a difference between a designer and an artist,” Pachtter wrote.“So what is a designer? “It’s a designer who does a design on the fly. “So what is […]

How to create an inspiring website design from a scratch

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‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ – Bollywood movie star with the most viral videos

Bharat Mata Ki Jai, the name of the Bollywood star, has been making waves in the film industry for a decade now.The film, a Bollywood classic that has made its way into every country in the world, is set to release in the U.S. next week.Its success has sparked a whole host of memes, memes that have now morphed into […]

How to be more creative, creative with your ads

How to make more of your creative with advertising, with the help of a graphic designer. With the help of a graphic designer, the BBC’s Advertising Standards Agency has devised a way to help you make more ads and to keep them in front of your customers. The ad creatives guide comes in two parts: a step-by-step guide to create and edit your own graphics for an […]

Google’s new design for its web-based app, Cool Text logo, graphics and web designs

Google has released a new logo design for the Google App Store.The new design is similar to what Google introduced in October 2015, when it launched Google+ as the new home for its social network.The brand-new design is the first new Google logo design since Google+ went live in November 2015.Google+ users can now easily add their own Google+ profile […]

How to add cool text logos and design graphics to your website

I’ve recently been looking at how to add some cool text graphics to a website, and the cool thing is, they are really easy to do.Not only that, but it is also very easy to share them on social media.If you are like me, you are also in love with cool designs, so this post will show you how to […]

Designer’s graphic design skills in the US

A graphic designer who works for a company that makes high-end jewelry and watches says he has an easy time keeping up with his clients’ demand for high-quality graphics.He’s a designer in New York and in Los Angeles, where he works for high end designers, and in New Jersey, where his work has become a part of the jewelry industry.His […]