How to Get the Right Graphic Design for Your Webpage: Tips for the Best Site Source National Geographic

Posted October 13, 2018 08:59:54 The graphic design of a web page has a huge impact on its usability, and one of the biggest decisions a web designer should make is which one to use.If you’re looking to create a simple website, look no further than the Google Images or the Microsoft Word.But if you want to build a complex […]

How to design a logo for an organisation

Designing logos is a crucial skill for many organisations, whether they are small, medium or large.Here we look at how to design and print a logo that reflects your organisation’s values and mission.The graphic designer is often the person who creates the look and feel of the logo, so how do you get it right?Here are some tips to help […]

Brutalism: Graphic Design and Illustration in Australia

Graphic design is one of the most sought after professions.It’s often a highly technical and highly sought after skill.But what is it?And why is it so important?As the art of graphic design continues to evolve, the skills required to master it have expanded.We spoke to the leading experts to learn more about the art and craft of graphic designing.A story […]