How to create your own midcentury modern logo using a template

The best way to create a midcentury classic logo is to make it your own.Whether it’s a logo designed for a restaurant or a logo that pops up on your home website, there are a few ways you can make a logo unique.If you’re like me, you already have a logo template.But what if you can’t find one?There are many […]

Graphic design jobs with top employers in 2017

Freelance Graphic Design Job Search – 2018 The top graphic design jobs are being filled by the creative professionals of the future, according to the Graphic Design Jobs in 2017 report released today.This year saw a huge surge in job postings from the freelancers, creatives and creative-types, with the average salary rising to a whopping £9.49 an hour in the […]

How to be a graphic designer and create awesome work

How to get started as a graphic design professional:How to become a graphic designers in the age of Adobe Creative Cloud,Adobe Photoshop,Adob Photoshop CS4,Adobo Creative Cloud and Adobe Lightroom 5:How Adobe’s Creative Cloud Platforms work and how to get up and running with itHow to be an illustrator,designer and illustrator in an age of digital and mobile design:What’s the difference […]

Ars Technic: You’re a designer now, but you’re not quite a designer yet

In a series of tweets, Ars Technick’s Mike Pachter wrote that, while he was still not a designer, he’d learned some important lessons about what it means to be a designer.“I think there’s a difference between a designer and an artist,” Pachtter wrote.“So what is a designer? “It’s a designer who does a design on the fly. “So what is […]

‘The best’ graphic design course on the Web, says BBC

The first thing you’ll notice about this course is the sheer number of graphics.Each of the lectures starts with a set of images, and then goes on to describe the way that each of those images will be used in the course.For example, each of the first four lectures is designed to teach the basics of text design: to create […]

How to create a killer design from a simple graphic

You don’t need to create the best graphic design company.You just need to design a logo, and then sell it.In this article, I’m going to explain how to create that logo for a company that’s currently struggling with an incredibly popular game, Overwatch.We’re not looking at a classic logo like a giant heart or a logo for an old school […]

What is the best graphic design to design your next project?

With the rise of the smartphone, the mobile app landscape has transformed, allowing designers to design for both phones and tablets.Designers now have the ability to create graphic designs that look great on phones and on tablets, but what about on a desktop?Here are the best design tools for mobile and tablet users.1.Typekit, Typekit Premium: Typekit is the largest graphic […]

Which is the best graphic designer?

The Lad has asked readers to choose their favorite graphic designer.The list of nominees includes some of the most popular graphic designers around the world, including:Adrian Dreyfus of The Simpsons and Mr. Show, and Peter Guralnick of Game of Thrones. Here’s the full list:Dreyfuss is the creator of the award-winning animated series and the voice of Marge Simpson on The Simpsons.His […]

How To Build A Graphic Design Career in the Next 3 Years: An Interview With Steve Krug

Graphic designers and artists are a huge part of the design industry.This is an infographic by Graphic Design Insider where we’ll share some tips for getting started in the industry, as well as a quick look at some great graphic design jobs in the pipeline.It’s a great resource to help you plan your career and get started.What do graphic designers […]

How to use Photoshop for professional design and illustration

A few years ago, I was looking for an alternative to Photoshop, and the one that came to mind was Adobe Illustrator.But there was a major caveat: Illustrator had a limited user base.It was primarily used by designers to create designs for their clients and it was slow.Adobe Illustration is an open source tool, but it is still only free […]