Why we’re making things harder for designers

When it comes to the design profession, there’s a long and complicated history of “trendy” and “disruptive” design.But a new survey of more than 1,000 designers has found that a lot of the current focus on the latter is actually misguided, and the former is the wrong direction.“It’s easy to think about design as something that only needs to be […]

How to design a graphic logo

Graphics design has become a hot topic in recent years.Its a highly interactive process and its an area that has been evolving rapidly over the past decade.Graphic designers have been working with designers, graphic designers have worked with graphic designers, designers have tried graphic design with graphic design.Graphic design is a field that has always been about taking advantage of […]

Why I’m Not Buying The Graphic Design Course: What I Learned In Less Than 3 Months

A few weeks ago I started learning about graphic design.My primary interest was to get a job in the industry, so I thought it was a good idea to start a business, too.The first job I got was as a digital assistant for a large corporation.I was given a $200 per week salary to do a single job, but the […]

How to find your next graphic designer

Best graphic design course?That’s a tough question to answer.The short answer is that there are lots of options, from a combination of coursework and jobs that you can apply for, to online courses and individual freelance jobs.But the longer answer is the key: There are plenty of people who can create a high-quality graphic design portfolio for you that are […]

How to design graphic design classes and workshops

Google News article Designing graphic design and illustration courses is a lot of work and involves a lot more work than it seems.You need to learn how to make a design, then figure out what the material and the materials used are and what the style is.It’s not something that’s easy to do by just reading a book or a […]

How to find the best graphic design classes

A new wave of online courses are offering graphic design students a second chance at a job, and many of them are geared toward working with big brands, like Apple and Facebook.But many are aimed at working with small, independent businesses, and some have a decidedly less tech-savvy bent than the courses offered by traditional schools.That’s partly because there are […]

TechRadars’ best graphic designing courses for 2016

TechRadaris readers have chosen 10 of the best graphic designer courses to be featured on TechRadaria every month.We’ve chosen the courses from the following list:Best graphic design course in 2016: Designing for the Web with CSS3A good graphic design class to take is one that focuses on the basics of web design, which means a good mix of CSS and […]

Why you should watch Paul Rand logos and other social media graphic designs

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Rand is the latest person to get in on the social media graphics craze.His work is so well done and detailed that it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face when you see his work.Rand started his career as a graphic designer before taking a job as a social media designer for the U.S. […]