Which computer is best for graphic designers?

Computer experts and industry leaders have long debated which of the following computers is best suited for graphic designs.They have been debating since the dawn of computing, when the first computers were first built.But today, computers have advanced so much, the debate has moved to the realm of design, with the advent of 3D motion graphics and virtual reality.Here are […]

Which graphic design website is best for graphic designers?

It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while now, but now it’s getting a lot more nuanced.As we’ve mentioned in the past, some of the best graphic design websites for graphic artists, graphic designers, designers, and even graphic designers are built using the open web platform, meaning that you can use any modern browser you want, and it’ll […]

Which computer should I buy?

CNN’s Matt Gurney answers your questions on the best computer to buy, and also some of the more common questions you may be getting about buying a computer.The article also discusses the best desktop and laptop computer for design work.“The best desktop computer for graphics design, for graphic and interactive design,” reads the first sentence of the article.“There are lots […]

Is Google’s new Pixel the best computer for graphics design?

Google’s Pixel smartphone, unveiled at its annual developer conference on Monday, looks like the perfect entry into the smartphone market.Its design is well-engineered, the hardware is sturdy, and the software is open source and open for criticism.And yet, this sleek smartphone, which was unveiled in the company’s keynote at the Code Conference, is so widely panned by many that it […]

Top 5 best computer models for graphic designer

The Globe and Mail is pleased to announce the Best Computer for Graphic Design in Canada award, which recognizes the best computer in Canada.The award was founded in 2003 by the Computer Society of Canada.It is a joint award between the Canada Research Chair in Computer Design and the Canadian Academy of Art and Design.The winners are announced every three […]

How to design a best computer for graphics design

Designers have to be prepared for all the new digital technologies coming their way, from social media to video and gaming.There are many resources out there for people to learn the basics, but they all tend to be written by people with a degree in design.But how do you get the most out of your computer when you don’t know […]

How to design for your company’s 70s logo, 70s fashion,the graphic designer in me

This is one of those articles that will get you thinking about what you want to do with your career as a graphic designer, what you like to do, and why it is so important. As you begin to think about what your future is going to be, here are some of the top graphics design companies in the country, based […]

How to Use Adobe Photoshop Elements to Create an Awesome Graphic Design for a Web App

What is Photoshop?Photoshop is an open source image editing software that allows you to make edits to any image on your computer.You can create complex designs, graphics, or even images that can be shared online.It also allows you edit files on your desktop computer.Adobe Photoshop has become very popular because it’s free and open source, so you can use it […]