Graphic design for motion graphics

Designers can make motion graphics as realistic as possible by using graphics in which people are moving.But graphic design professionals also need to understand how to incorporate realistic graphics into their designs.The following tips will show you how to design graphics for motion, in both design and fabrication.First, make sure that the motion graphics are not too extreme.Too extreme motion […]

The 2017 Google logo design is a lot cooler

The Google logo has been the most popular logo for years, but it’s still getting updated and improved.The 2017 logo design was updated for 2017, with a redesigned design that looks like it was designed by a different person.We’re excited to show you a new look at how Google uses its logo.The Google logo was updated with a design that […]

The 2021 logo redesign to feature the iconic 2020 logo – but with a new colour scheme!

The 2021 design, which will be featured at the 2017 London Olympics, is the most iconic design ever used for the Olympic Games.The new design is a light grey colour with a bold white and blue stripe across the top and bottom, similar to the design of the 2020 Olympic flag.It will feature the 2020 logo with a red circle […]

Why you should design your own comic book poster

A graphic designer can help you create your own graphic design poster for your favorite comics.In fact, if you’re just getting started with graphic design, it’s worth learning how to do it yourself.Here are the top tips on creating your own poster.1.How to draw your own artwork: The best way to start is with a basic drawing.If you don’t know […]