Paul Rand’s new book: ‘How the U.S. Can Lead the World’ is a must read!

The title of Rand’s newest book, “How the United States Can Lead The World,” sounds ominous.And yet, it has some of the most interesting and relevant insights into the world today.Rand’s book, written in the wake of the September 11th attacks, is titled “The Unspoken Rules of the Game: How to Create the Perfect World.”It tells how a small group […]

Graphic designer finds job at Facebook in UK

Graphic designer Richard Sollers has found a job at a Facebook office in London.The UK based design agency, Wollers Design, said Sollings worked as an illustrator, but not in the graphic design field.Solling, who was born in Dublin, is based in Dublin.He was first hired at the company in February 2016.He started at Wollings Design as a junior freelancer but […]

Which design team is better?

An infographic from Financial Post shows which design team has the best visual acuity and which team is more effective in providing visual content for financial professionals.The infographic, which was created by Graphic Designer and UX Designer, Mark Whelan, was created to showcase how different types of design are working together to create new and exciting products for financial markets.Mark […]

How to add cool text logos and design graphics to your website

I’ve recently been looking at how to add some cool text graphics to a website, and the cool thing is, they are really easy to do.Not only that, but it is also very easy to share them on social media.If you are like me, you are also in love with cool designs, so this post will show you how to […]

How to grow your graphic design business

Graphic design companies in Washington and beyond are booming, with new openings and deals.And they’re growing faster than ever before.The infographic below shows the latest graphic design deals.What do you need to know to grow a graphic design company in the U.S.?What are the top jobs for graphic designers in the United States?Read more from The Washington Post’s Graphic Design […]

How to be a graphic designer for beginners

In order to get a job as a graphic design professional, you have to be passionate about the field and passionate about your job.There are a few things you need to be aware of.First, graphic designers are typically hired in teams of five or more, meaning that the client will be in charge of all the design work.You’ll need to […]