What are some of the most valuable graphic design jobs in 2017?

Graphic design jobs can vary, but the most popular ones for 2017 are as follows:3D Graphic Design: The graphic designer is responsible for designing and creating digital graphics that are used to tell a story.Many of the highest-paying jobs for this type of job require a degree in graphic design or have a specialized background in graphic or design arts.Some […]

How can a good graphic design logo help me win a trade?

By Mike Mearls, NHL.com/Graphic design is one of those skills that can’t be taught.But, it can be learned and taught by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to you.There are a variety of ways to use your skills to create a logo, including creating one for a product or service, or for a company.But these are just some of […]

How to make your Twitter account look like your Instagram account

You probably have a Facebook or Twitter account, and the easiest way to add a cool logo to your feed is to simply put a photo of your logo on your feed.But what if you want to use the same look with an Instagram account?Here’s how.How to make the Twitter account feel like your IG accountHow to turn your Instagram […]

 Adobe Creative Studio: A graphic designer’s guide, 7.4MB pdf

Adobe Creative is an essential digital art tool for graphic designers to create web and print designs.If you’re an artist, you might not have had a need for it before and it’s a good time to take a look. The Adobe Creative Suite has been a staple of graphic design studios for some time now.The studio has a huge amount of […]

 Facebook is going to be the new Google’s next big thing for freelancers

The tech giant is planning to expand its reach into the freelancing sector.Facebook announced last year that it had hired over 10,000 freelancers, and it recently hired a third of them. It is expected that Facebook will use its services to make it easier for freelancing services to hire from its massive social network, with ads that target those who pay.This […]