Facebook ads campaign aimed at Muslims in Israel hits critical stretch

By NICHOLAS KAMM, AP Israeli authorities say they have launched an advertising campaign to try to dissuade Muslims from using Facebook in the country.The advertising campaign, called Facebook in Tel Aviv, is being conducted by the Tel Aviv Municipality and is expected to reach more than 100,000 people.It features an image of a Muslim woman holding a banner reading “Stop […]

When will I be eligible for Medicaid?

I was just one of 2,000 Oregonians on Medicaid when I was diagnosed with COVID-19 in June 2016.The state began rolling out Medicaid coverage in September 2016.I had the opportunity to enroll in Medicaid on Oct. 1, 2017, but because of the COVID vaccine, I wasn’t eligible until Dec. 31, 2018.I was one of the lucky ones.I have been eligible […]

How to make a gif and get it to your audience

Fiverr’s website is full of gifs.If you have an account and you want to make them public, you have to upload your gifs to the site.This is how you make a link that gets posted on Fiverrs site.You’ll need to create a URL that will point to the Fiverrer website.Follow the instructions in the FAQs section to upload the gifs […]

How to create a better photo-editing app from scratch

The app has a new look.It’s still a desktop-only app.It doesn’t look like an app.And it’s free.But it’s more than just an app: it’s a tool for creating better images for your website, Facebook page, and social media posts.And that’s where the real value lies.The app is made up of a suite of photo-based templates, with a selection of photo […]

Is Google’s new Pixel the best computer for graphics design?

Google’s Pixel smartphone, unveiled at its annual developer conference on Monday, looks like the perfect entry into the smartphone market.Its design is well-engineered, the hardware is sturdy, and the software is open source and open for criticism.And yet, this sleek smartphone, which was unveiled in the company’s keynote at the Code Conference, is so widely panned by many that it […]