‘Graphic’ logo redesign: Grognard design team redesigns logo for new video game

In its first redesign since the first Grog, the logo for a new video gaming franchise is being reworked.Grog’s name is now an ‘X’ and a new design is being used.In this design, the character Grog is replaced by a cartoon character.It’s called ‘Grognard’.The new logo will be used for the upcoming Grogs Revenge: Grobnik.“The idea was to take inspiration […]

Why I made a graphic design website for my husband

A graphic design site is a website that’s designed to be a “source of value” for your clients, your clients’ clients, and the people you’re trying to help.It’s designed as a resource for you to learn about the world and the products and services you need, and it helps you build a brand.I’m a graphic designer, and my clients ask […]