Rand Paul: We are on the verge of a new war, but we won’t let that happen.

Paul Rand has become a lightning rod for criticism from the right, and for many Republicans, he’s the poster child for what they see as a betrayal of the conservative movement.But Rand’s latest comments on gun violence and the media’s handling of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., have brought new attention to the senator’s position on the […]

Which is the best freelance graphic designer job in America?

As freelance graphic designers continue to be a key part of the digital work force, it’s worth considering which jobs are the best ones to pursue.But it’s not as simple as selecting a few high-paying freelancers who have a clear track record and are known to be able to work at the highest rates.It’s about whether you’re willing to take […]

What did you do before you designed your first graphic design?

Football Italian article In a new book entitled “Design for Life: The Story of a Graphic Designer” by writer and illustrator Francesco Caporelli, the former Barcelona and Milan defender has a candid and insightful discussion about the challenges and obstacles of graphic design. “I was very lucky, I got to do it at a time when the technology was not very […]

How to use a graphic design program to create a graphic poster for your project

Posted October 07, 2018 05:33:15 When you’re ready to show off your work, it’s important to make sure you have the proper graphic design software to get the job done.But, if you’re looking to get a quick boost to your career, here are a few free resources to help you get started.The Digital Art Institute has a free online graphic […]

Graphic design company black hires black workers for graphic design job

Graphic design jobs are growing in popularity, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement, a new report by the National Geographic Black Graphic Design Team says.Black graphic designers are increasingly used in the design of corporate websites, corporate signage, and social media.The team looked at some of the top employers hiring black designers to design for the 2020 […]

‘The best’ graphic design course on the Web, says BBC

The first thing you’ll notice about this course is the sheer number of graphics.Each of the lectures starts with a set of images, and then goes on to describe the way that each of those images will be used in the course.For example, each of the first four lectures is designed to teach the basics of text design: to create […]

Logo design is not dead, but it’s in a very slow recovery

In 2016, it was an established fact that the creative design industry is in decline.But is it dead?This article looks at some of the big challenges and opportunities that will define the future of logo design.A word of warning: the infographic below is not meant to be the complete history of logo redesigns, but rather a snapshot of the current […]

‘Graphic’ logo redesign: Grognard design team redesigns logo for new video game

In its first redesign since the first Grog, the logo for a new video gaming franchise is being reworked.Grog’s name is now an ‘X’ and a new design is being used.In this design, the character Grog is replaced by a cartoon character.It’s called ‘Grognard’.The new logo will be used for the upcoming Grogs Revenge: Grobnik.“The idea was to take inspiration […]

Why I made a graphic design website for my husband

A graphic design site is a website that’s designed to be a “source of value” for your clients, your clients’ clients, and the people you’re trying to help.It’s designed as a resource for you to learn about the world and the products and services you need, and it helps you build a brand.I’m a graphic designer, and my clients ask […]

Why are we paying so much for graphic design?

The price of graphic design has been rising for a while now.And as a result, a lot of designers are paying for their own design and not for a graphic designer’s services.This article explains how graphic design and graphic design consulting services can help designers and graphic designers.If you want to learn more about graphic design, the pros and cons […]