How to create an amazing minimalistic graphic design using Adobe Illustrator

Graphic design has never been more versatile.From simple text to intricate graphics, graphic designers can create stunning visuals that take full advantage of Adobe Illustrators’ powerful visual tools.While most graphic designers focus on simple, minimalist elements, a little creativity goes a long way.Here are 10 tips for creating a minimalistic, minimalist graphic design.1.Create a simple background The most obvious and […]

What if you could take a $5,000 loan to learn a new language?

What if I told you that you could borrow $5 in order to learn an entirely new language, just by creating a new account on Fiverr?Now, we’ve got a solution to help you take this concept and make it a reality.Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can buy a language learning program with a high-interest rate.It’s a great way […]

When are you ready to go home? – Fox Sports

Fox Sports’ Chris Spielman was on a media tour at the NFL’s headquarters when he learned that he’d be leaving.He had been on the team for six years.He told me he was excited to be back.He said he’d come here, but he’d like to get a bit more time with his family, so we’ll see what happens next week.Spielman said […]

How to Get a $100,000 Bonus from Your Online Ads

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular graphics editing tools, and there’s a lot to like about it.But it’s not without its issues, including: • Its design is fairly bland, even for a professional software.• It has a lot of free-to-play features, so it can be confusing to the casual viewer.• Its limitations in terms of video and audio […]

Aussie graphic designer Paul Rand says ‘we are the next generation’

Posted August 22, 2018 06:18:08 Paul Rand, a graphic designer and graphic designer for a number of companies in Australia, says he believes that “we are in the next wave” in the industry.“In a way, we are the best in the world at what we do and we have always done what we have done,” he said.Mr Rand, who has […]

A graphic designer is a professional and should be paid more

Graphic designers have long been the subject of debate among design professionals.It’s no secret that they often make some of the best graphics on the web.However, recent reports have put graphic designers on the defensive.According to a new survey, more than one in five graphic designers surveyed said that they were paid less than $2 per hour in 2012.The survey, […]

Google’s new design for its web-based app, Cool Text logo, graphics and web designs

Google has released a new logo design for the Google App Store.The new design is similar to what Google introduced in October 2015, when it launched Google+ as the new home for its social network.The brand-new design is the first new Google logo design since Google+ went live in November 2015.Google+ users can now easily add their own Google+ profile […]

The art of ‘artful understatement’

The art and design of understatement, or “artful exaggeration”, is a tricky and often-complicated art form.As the name implies, the exaggeration is usually made up of artfully adding and subtracting information.In a nutshell, understatement is “making things up as they are”.In a sense, exaggeration is “sketching the truth out of what’s really there”.The idea is that when a writer or […]

What you need to know about graphic design’s future

The graphic design industry is in a constant state of flux, as companies scramble to find new markets and new products.There’s a constant push to update and refresh its products.But the landscape is changing fast.A new wave of digital designers is pushing the boundaries of graphic design.The future is not in the past.Here are 10 things to know.1.Digital designers are […]

Brutalism: Graphic Design and Illustration in Australia

Graphic design is one of the most sought after professions.It’s often a highly technical and highly sought after skill.But what is it?And why is it so important?As the art of graphic design continues to evolve, the skills required to master it have expanded.We spoke to the leading experts to learn more about the art and craft of graphic designing.A story […]