How to use the Web Graphic Design API for a faster Web site design workflow

This article has been updated to include more information about the API.Originally published April 10, 2018 09:22:48The Web Graphic Designer API (WGDA) lets you create a web site that uses the Web graphics API to create images and other visual effects.The API is used to create animated GIFs, GIF images, and other digital artwork, and it can also help you […]

When you’re a local graphic designer, what are your career aspirations?

A local graphic design professional who is keen to learn new skills or to share his passion for the creative process is a highly sought after and highly sought-after position.But what about the young ones who don’t have that same drive?I remember my first job was as a marketing director at the Australian Institute of Company Directors.My first year was […]

Paul Rand logo design for NFL website

The New York Jets announced Thursday that Paul Rand will design the logo for their official social media website.Rand is known for his work with Nike and the Los Angeles Rams.Rand is a former head of Nike’s design team.Rand has also worked for the Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.