Graphic Design for Beginners

2018-09-20T18:45:27.047000+00:00 Foto zoom in on the illustration above.It is a graphic design for students, for professionals and for the average person looking for a way to create a better website.The image shows a simple and clean design that has been used in many graphic design apps and websites for years.This is the type of design that could be used in […]

Why did the NFL get rid of the graphic? The sport’s creator answers.

The graphic that featured the image of Tom Brady in the Super Bowl has been removed from the league’s official website.The NFL confirmed on Monday that the graphic was removed for copyright reasons.Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, was wearing an earpiece on his left ear when he threw the first touchdown pass of the game.The graphic was widely panned […]

Paul Rand’s new book: ‘How the U.S. Can Lead the World’ is a must read!

The title of Rand’s newest book, “How the United States Can Lead The World,” sounds ominous.And yet, it has some of the most interesting and relevant insights into the world today.Rand’s book, written in the wake of the September 11th attacks, is titled “The Unspoken Rules of the Game: How to Create the Perfect World.”It tells how a small group […]