Why graphic design doesn’t work as a design tool

Posted August 02, 2018 04:00:00As a graphic designer, I get asked a lot about what I do and how I do it.I get it all the time.You see, I love making things.I love seeing people’s work and I want to see it live.It’s hard to think of anything more fun than working with someone else’s work.So when I hear someone […]

What you need to know about the $30 million Nike Air Jordan 5 “Black” model

A $30-million Nike Air Jordans shoe is on the market, and it is a model that’s designed to be the perfect representation of a sneaker.In terms of design, the Black model is the latest addition to the sneaker brand’s lineup, which also includes the Air Max and Air Max x.The Nike Air Force 5 Black model was revealed at the […]

Designer’s graphic design skills in the US

A graphic designer who works for a company that makes high-end jewelry and watches says he has an easy time keeping up with his clients’ demand for high-quality graphics.He’s a designer in New York and in Los Angeles, where he works for high end designers, and in New Jersey, where his work has become a part of the jewelry industry.His […]

What are some of the most valuable graphic design jobs in 2017?

Graphic design jobs can vary, but the most popular ones for 2017 are as follows:3D Graphic Design: The graphic designer is responsible for designing and creating digital graphics that are used to tell a story.Many of the highest-paying jobs for this type of job require a degree in graphic design or have a specialized background in graphic or design arts.Some […]

How can a good graphic design logo help me win a trade?

By Mike Mearls, NHL.com/Graphic design is one of those skills that can’t be taught.But, it can be learned and taught by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to you.There are a variety of ways to use your skills to create a logo, including creating one for a product or service, or for a company.But these are just some of […]